A need of the Market, SmartCards India can serve you with 2 very important factors

- Want to keep your customers loyal and have them returning to you again & again to buy more ? Loyalty

- Want to provide secure and attractive way for your staff, members, customers etc. to prove their Identity ?


Biometrics Devices

(Fingerprint Attendance System)

- Size: 21.6 X 14.4 X 4.6 cm -User Capacity:1500 Display -Type: B/W ScreenTransaction -Storage :50000 -Communications: RS232 -,RS485, TCP/IP USB port for
- Sensor: OEM Optical Sensor 500 DPI

Scratch Cards
Calling/ Phone/ Pre-Paid/ Lottery/ Gift Cards
- Thin Credit Card size Paper/ PVC card
- Holographic Scratch Foils
- Serial Number
- Service Providers Identity

Price: Contact Us

Loyalty Program
- Diferent types of cards & technology available
- Loyalty Program Software
- Readers & Writers


Photo Id Cards
- Photo Id cards
- Neck Lanyards

- Card Holders


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